Why Train

Why BE certified and HIRE certified?

To better serve your customer and protect your employees

The following is initially for the user of the Torch but also those that hire applicators should be concerned with the same issues.

Historically torch losses in the roofing industry average a minimum of $1M per loss. We will engage both field staff and operation leaders on torch application techniques. You will see a reduced risk and enhanced efficiencies for your roofing crews.

The reduction in severity and frequency of torch claims is remarkable. Just one reason to hire a construction company that REQUIRES a Certified Roofing Torch Applicator is one severe torch claim can put a roofing professional out of business not to mention the disruption to the facility.

Here are some other reasons to be certified and hire certified:
1. Inadequate insurance limits leaving the roofing contractor to pay out of pocket for additional cost from the incident.
2. A torch claim that has significant property damage for a key building client could cause reoccurring revenue loss.
3. The insurance company would more than likely raise the premium for the cost of the insurance policy for the next several years.
4. The insurance company may not renew the policy at all and leave you searching for a carrier to continue your business.
5. A burn to a worker can be the most devastating in a claim from a torching accident. That is the big reason we do the training!

Reduce your OSHA risk with proper training and documentation.

The companies that invest in training are the ones that succeed long term. Investing in your people has so many positive results. Here are a few;

• Increase in Gross margins because the employees are confident in the work they are doing and they are more productive.
• Your company has a competitive advantage by showing prospective customers the training certificates of the workers, putting them at ease of the potential accident due to lack of training or worker knowledge of safety issues.
• Confidence from the insurance provider at renewal for the best rate.
• Back log of work because of referrals from happy customers due to the safe atmosphere.
• Less liability having trained applicators on the roof.
• The training is endorsed by CNA Insurance and the NRCA.
• More and More Insurance Companies and Customers are asking for or requiring a Torch Trained Workforce on their properties.

Require your sub-contractors to have this training also!
Peace of mind for you, your customer, and the insurance company.